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99.1% Patient Satisfaction Rating in 2012


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Crucial Care provides peace of mind when you need it most.

CRUCIAL CARE: Emergency Medicine Doctors

Like an emergency room, illnesses and injuries at Crucial care are handled by Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians. We also provide medical treatment for a wide range cases from the common cold through more serious conditions.

With onsite ultrasound, CT scan, IV fluids, digital x-ray and diagnostic labs, we provide comprehensive diagnostics, blood work and imaging, all under one roof.

Crucial Care also delivers attentive, one-on-one guidance throughout the entire healthcare process— from stabilization and initial diagnosis to prescriptions and insurance claims.

September's Average Door-to-EKG time was: 0min 12sec

Recent Testimonials:

"I went to Crucial Care and was treated for a fracture of the neck (C-2)...more

"My experience here was VERY good. The staff was very kid-friendly, they got my son back to be seen as SOON as we checked in more"

" I was very happy with Crucial Care. I don't go to the doctor much, but I had an ear pain that wouldn't go away. I got a ride to Crucial Care, was taken back and looked at in like 10 minutes more


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